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Tea Bag In Bag Packing Machine

1.PLC controller, easy to operate

2.All stainless steel cover meets GMP requirements.

3.Accurate tracking:At the speed of 30-60 Bags/Minute.

Package: wooden case ( free fumigation)

Tea Bag In Bag Packing Machine with thread and tag is a hot-sealed, automatic and multifunction packing equipment. The main characteristic of this equipment is it can molding in one time to protect the material from the direct contact with workers' hands and improve the efficiency. 

The inner bag is filter paper with thread and label automatically is available. The outer bag is composite paper (including various kinds of composite membrane hot sealable such as paper/plastic, plastic/plastic, plastic/aluminum/plastic, paper/aluminum/plastic.)

The most advantage is, the capacity, the inner bag and outer bag can be adjuster flexibly, and the size of the inner and outer bag also can be adjuster according to the requirement of the customer to get the perfect effect.

The machine can automatically complete such functions as bag-making,filling,measuring,sealing,Thread feeding,labeling,cutting,counting,etc,thus reducing labor expenses and improving production efficiency.

3.Technical parameter:

Bag type

3 or 4  sides sealing

Packing   material

Paper/Plastic,  Plastic/Plastic,  Plastic/Aluminum/Plastic, Paper/Aluminum/Plastic, Tea filter paper, Thread, Tag

Feeding   system

Volumetric  cup filler / Auger Filler

Package   range

3-15ml ( customized)

Inner   bag size

L:50-70mm,    W:40-80mm

Outer   bag size

L:70-120mm,   W:60-90mm

Tag size

L:20-24mm,      W:40-55mm

Length   of the thread


Power   supply

220V,   50HZ, 3.7KW

Packing   speed




Dimension   (L*W*H)


4. Machine Feature Picture:




5.Sealing effect:


5.Machine video on youtube:

Triangle bag package:

Tea bag with outer envelope package:

 Tea bag with tag package: 

For we can give you our suggestion and prepare our quotation, hope you can kindly let we know:

A. Your bag size

B. Your bag picture

C. Packing weight

D. Packing speed requirement

E. Exactly product need to packed